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April 1

8:00 pm

Folk is People is a Jacksonville-based indie folk band led by singer-songwriter, Stacey Bennett. Their music is eloquently crafted into a melodic blend of stringed and percussive instruments backed by Bennett’s driving voice. Each song is a story meticulously written into verse and chorus.

Folk is People came to life in 2012 as a folk duo with members, Stacey Bennett and Rick Grice. After releasing an EP and touring, the pair took on other endeavors and the project was halted with no revival date in sight. Bennett resurrected the project in 2015 after becoming what she describes as “incessantly mundane” and enlisted Grice to engineer and produce the new album. Folk is People’s first full-length album, The Devil Always Comes, was released October 25, 2016. The record sounds like indie rock married a folk song and started a pop band. It is a conceptual piece depicting the inner dissonance experienced when we reflect on and attempt to reconcile misdeeds in the pursuit of virtue.

Band Of Silver is a new rock band based out of Nashville formed of a group of siblings and friends, all of whom are teenagers ranging in age from 14 to 18. The band started at the end of 2014 with a group of two brothers and their sister (Avery, Alex and Evan).  The band is 100% rock but has a wide variety of sounds within the rock genre. Some of their songs are 80’s rock, pop rock, grunge/alternative, some have a mix of rap, some have a Latin flair, and some are just pure old rock and roll.  They have recorded one EP and one video, and are finishing their second EP which has seven new songs.

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