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July 2

8:00 pm

Becoming Human (aka BHN) was formed in 2011 by frontman Frankie James Schweizer (Schweizer) and guitar player Joel “Joey Joels” Webber (Webber). After 5 years of undergoing multiple lineup changes under the 1-2 toxic-twins-esk punch of Schweizer and Webber, BHN released their musical debut album, Meteorites EP. A southern-soul hard rock with flairs of quick licks and lyrics with the hit track “Backwoods” which set the band apart from other groups in their class and projected them into a period of growth and knowledge.

During this period, BHN acquired an insatiable taste to fulfill their dream of more exposure where they could deliver their musical message to the masses and live up to the potential that they and so many of their fans have envisioned for BHN.  BHN soon realized that this dream could only be accomplished through filling a void in their lineup and making some difficult decisions and changes for the band.  A period of transition followed this epiphany.


This transition period for BHN began with the resignation of the band’s drummer.  BHN immediately began a search not only for a new drummer with the talent needed to keep up with the Schweizer and Webber, but for a fourth member to play bass guitar to fill a void that had followed them from the beginning.  With their vision in hand, BHN stayed patient and waited for the “one” times two.  Just weeks after starting this journey, a drummer named Shea O’Neil (O’Neil) appeared at one of the tryouts. “He reminded me of Billy The Kid” Schweizer said to Webber.  Playing mostly on his own, O’Neil showed up with headphones loaded with progressive metal and started firing at every note with a very unique style of pedal timing. It was clear that O’Neil was the next level drummer that BHN needed to move one step closer on its vision quest.

Moving forward as a three piece, BHN began touring more and more after the new addition. With O’Neil behind the drum kit, the band’s musical direction changed drastically. Now powering out faster, more dynamic songs, O’Neil’s skill set allowed Webber to really open up on the guitar. This new energy and musical direction in turn went full circle to frontman Schweizer who became significantly more aggressive on vocals.

Writing new songs, playing new venues and gathering fans fast, BHN also began gathering more criticism.  As we stretched in sound, the low end of our material was becoming more apparently hollow. After years of being a three piece, sound progression had reached a critical point and BHN decided it was time to start up the auditions again, it was time to hire a bassist.

Now, although being a bassist is not the most prestigious position on stage, we truly wanted someone to have such a presence that it would change the perception of the position all together. These things carry over in connecting to fans. When someone loves what they do, you love to watch and listen to what they do.  After many auditions, tryouts, rehearsals, writing sessions and interviews, Alton Minor (Minor) was the sure stand out, and for BHN a perfect fit to our unique and talented group. “He’s the water of the group” says Schweizer.  Minor was able to not only step into previous songs like he had always been there, but also make a substantial push in BHN’s ability to write more melodic material while retaining the heavy under tones and rhythms of their roots. To top it all off, Minor being the youngest member of BHN, is one of the major creative visionaries for the direction of BHN’s artistic projects and development as well.

With BHN now officially a 4 piece and thriving, the band has witnessed explosive growth in 2016. The new Media Mud EP released May 2016 has gone straight up since its release. Now trending a standard for other hard rock-metal bands, BHN has a knack for keeping raw talent and performance as their edge opposed to other’s over produced material and often over digitalized music. The name of the band is becoming ever more understandable and obvious, even snagging the term “Nation” coined by the fans themselves as a message for the rest of the Music World.



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