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March 29

8:00 pm

NATIVE LAND – Native Land, musical nomadic husband & wife duo journey in search of their home land while writing songs for the people that they meet along the way from town to town and state to state. Native Land creates songs pulling from their strongest influences with the heart of true punk rockers like David Byrne’s quirky sounds and strange 80s beats and the soul of Sister Rosetta Tharp, guitar licks bringing and gospel like lyrics that bring good news to all who are weary. Prepare your hearts for some gospel rock n’roll that has some spacey groove.

Chad Jasmine- Former leader/singer of Los Angeles band National People’s Gang in the 80’s and 90’s. Know for his performance art and gorilla theater productions. The L.A. Times described him as a singer/Song writer with a heightened sense of the bizarre.

Chad launched his solo career in 1992 with his critically acclaimed album titled “Feed” which got heavy rotation on Santa Monica’s legendary public radio station KCRW. This led to Chad being named Host Artist for the Long Beach, Ca. based “When words collide” spoken word/music festival.

Since then Chad has released 13 CD’s on Parlay Records, toured periodically and shared bills with many iconic performers including Jim Carrol, Richie Havens, Laurie Anderson, G Love and Mike Watt. Also some bands he has opened for, or in some cases have opened for him include, Nirvana, Sound Garden, Fire Hose, Flaming Lips and Primus. Chaka Khan once joined Chad on stage and played drums for an hour long set in an impromptu performance at Jacksonville’s once famous Voodoo lounge circa 2003.

Since the birth of his son Carlos in 2011, Chad has laid low publicly, performing less to fully enjoy fatherhood. In a recent interview Chad said “My kid is 6 now and his favorite band is Led Zeppelin! If that doesn’t get you fired up to start playing again what would? It’s time to show my kid what his dad does!”



Indie duo Billy & Bella layer influences of folk-rock and dream-pop with lush songwriting to create a sound reminiscent of pre-Millennial California neo-psychedelia.

They combine elements from diverse musical interests, ranging from the folk and alternative rock of Mazzy Star, Chris Isaak, Radiohead, and Jeff Buckley, to harder rock influences of The Stone Temple Pilots, Carlos Santana, and Led Zeppelin, to create a contemporary take on the alternative rock and dream-pop sound of the late 1990s.

Both former California natives, the imagery of the state appears throughout their songwriting to symbolize varying aspects of the human condition that span the range of nostalgia, reality, and dreams.

Fundamentally, the duo pairs Billy Daely’s sultry electric guitar leads and lilting tenor vocal harmonies, with Bella Roux’s roots-rock rhythm guitar and warm contralto, for a rich musical experience of complementary contrasts.

Billy & Bella’s live performances encompass a range of musical expression, from mellow acoustic performances, to amplified duo performances accompanied by electronic drum beats, to a full rock setup with a guest drummer and bassist.

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