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If you’re making music in Salt Lake City, you’re doing it because you love it. Because you have to. Not because there are music execs at every show, or because there’s a scene the world is salivating over. And if you’re killing it in Salt Lake City, it isn’t because of hype, or cool factor, […]


mc chris is most widely known for his reoccurring character MC P Pants on Adult Swim’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force where he was also an animator and writer. He’s been featured in the Aqua Teen movie, the video game and most recently on a series of You Tube videos called Aqua Donk Side Pieces. He’s […]


“You have made me so happy. Every time I see these videos I laugh. I love that. We need to laugh.” -Kelly Clarkson, November 2020 With sultry, nostalgic RnB instrumentation and clever comical lyricism, TimaLikesMusic takes listeners through daily emotional journeys. As a creator, producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, she composes content that’s been played more […]


Fly By Midnight is an LA based, self-distributed, pop duo consisting of singer-songwriter Justin Bryte and producer/singer-songwriter Slavo. The guys recently released their fourth album, “Fictional Illustrations,” which featured popular tracks including, “What If I Wasn’t Done Loving You”, “In The Night”, and “Infinitely Falling”. So far, the album has been streamed over 50M times, […]


Mickey Avalon’s life story plays out like an episode of VH1′s ‘Behind The Music,” marred by personal tragedy, triumphs and immense pain. Avalon’s back-story begins on the streets of Hollywood, California.  Raised by his heroin-addicted father, he began selling pot at a young age, a trade he acquired from his mother. In an attempt to […]


Universal Green is a Progressive Hip-Hop band from Jacksonville, Florida. They’ve shared the stage with everyone from independent artists such as Astronautalis, to Hip-Hop legends, Too Short and Scarface. Their music ranges from rhythm and blues based songs to reggae, rock, and a myriad of other styles. The diverse backgrounds of each member lend their […]


Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Groove Inn is a dynamic performer in the electronic dance music genre. Groove Inn creates a musical experience that is both engrossing and uplifting with a throbbing sound that fuses aspects of electronic and dance genres. Groove Inn draws inspiration from the thriving Nashville music industry to infuse their songs with […]


LIL LOTUS: For Lil Lotus, life has largely felt like one giant nosebleed—being drained by the people around him, solitude and his internal demons. “This whole experience has been me being drained my whole life. Now that I’m getting older, I’m trying to figure out, how do I fix these things?”  That concept also informed Lil […]


Cochise is Terrell Cox, a Jamaican-American rapper from Palm Bay, FL, United States. His music is a blend of trap, dancehall and cloud rap, showcasing carefree, anime-referencing lyrics over hazy beats. His parents are both Jamaican, and he grew up listening to reggae and playing drums in a church choir. Cochise began rapping in high […]

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