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Blending black metal/horror theatrics with intense death metal style blast beats and shredding guitar along with brutal slamming breakdowns and catchy melodies, Toledo, OH symphonic deathcore band The Convalescence announces they will be hitting the road in support of their latest album titled “Harvesters Of Flesh And Bone”, released  via Cleopatra Records.  “This album is basically like one big […]


Fourteen years into his two-decade tenure with acclaimed Greenville, South Carolina technical death metal band Nile, guitarist and vocalist Dallas Toler-Wade was itching to explore new musical and lyrical frontiers. So he hooked up with some old buddies from his hometown Fayetteville, North Carolina and started writing old-school death metal inspired by some of their […]


If you’re making music in Salt Lake City, you’re doing it because you love it. Because you have to. Not because there are music execs at every show, or because there’s a scene the world is salivating over. And if you’re killing it in Salt Lake City, it isn’t because of hype, or cool factor, […]


Newcomers WIDOW7 have spent no time sitting idly by since their inception in 2021. From the bands’ debut sold out show in April 2021; they have quickly accelerated to garner national attention. In June 2021 the band found an unexpected outlet on Twitch with an appearance on “That Space Zebra Show” hosted by Danny Wimmer […]


We are Gila (Heel-uh). Named after the most venomous lizard in North America. To everyone who knew us and supported us in our chapter as Rockodilians, we couldn’t thank you enough. You truly made the local scene fun for us kids who wanted to play music. As much as we love, and will never forget […]


SCREAM AT THE SKY: Established in 2018, Houston based hard rock act SCREAM AT THE SKY blends elements of hard rock, heavy metal, Hip hop and industrial to create a hook laden behemoth and one of Houston’s most exciting grass roots bands HEATHENSUN: Heathensun is an up and coming NU-METAL band from NORTH CAROLINA with […]


“Born in a spaceship wreck, Heaven Moto is the best rock band on Earth, according to Kreeple Magazine. They released a slew of singles in the last year and are ready to release their magnum opus, self-titled debut album for the world and beyond to enjoy on Dec 25, 2023. They saved the world once… […]

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