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August 4

7:00 pm


Hailing from Jacksonville, FL is the genre bending power house quartet, Alchematic. With music heavily rooted in funk, jazz, blues, psychedelic soul, and hip hop the band brings an undeniable energy that transcends conventional wisdom. Derived from the word Alchemy, Alchematic’s mission is to provide an experience that inspires hope and a shift in perspective. Chelsey Michelle illuminates the stage with an infectious voice that effortlessly flows through the harmonic intricacies of guitarist Chris Underdal’s arrangements. The rhythm section consist of drummer, Chris Castro, who lays down rhythmic soundscapes to be flawlessly bridged to the melody by bassist Sean Tillis. With three part harmonies that will knock you flat, a high energy stage presence and tight chemistry, Alchematic’s intention can transcend even the optical experience. Each band member has a different background, a different story and is uniquely gifted creating a truly distinct sound. Chelsey Michelle uses thought provoking lyrics in tales of adversity with hopes in encouraging others who feel unheard to speak their minds. The philosophy is turning dust to gold, poison to medicine, disparity to abundance, ultimately, the alchemy of experience. With this mission in mind the band is an unapologetic force to be felt and witnessed. So with that we present to you, Alchematic; the science of the soul.


All aching pedal steel and cigarette-soaked pleas, Atlanta folk/Americana artist Parker Smith seems to put his own spiritual turmoil in a chokehold, elevating it until he squeezes out the elegant songs that make for his sophomore LP, Underground. Unlike most of his peers in the Americana community, Smith manages to defy being pigeonholed by inflecting his music with touches of blue-eyed soul (“Fray”), Asbury Park-indebted blues-rock (“Holy Water”), and even Gordon Lightfoot (“Arrowroot”). Of course, this album wouldn’t have been possible were it not for the crack-team of artists and players he assembled. Colin Agnew and Noah Kess both lent their production and mixing talents, while Colin also played drums and percussion and John Kingsley (pedal steel), Mimi Naja (backing vocals), Chris Case (keys), and Kelly McFarling (backing vocals) round out the supporting cast. These are songs not easily shaken from memory, with their raw, confessional nature and hummability: Underground grapples with pain, guilt, and heartbreak, on this breathtaking work of Americana.

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