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May 6

8:00 pm

This anomalous Northern Michigan band redefines the sound of the electronic genre. A true

 progressive jam band, Biomassive is alloying the organic feel of dual harmony guitars with

ground-shattering sub-bass mechanics.


Biomassive is a seven-piece electronic orchestra. Delivering innovative texture thru

strict discipline in granular synthesis and modular theory.

Their music pulls you to a distant place, that feels oddly familiar.


In 2020, the band announced a “Lith” trilogy alum series. Releasing, “Polylith” in 2020 as a live album, loaded with organic instrumentation, solos, and improvisation sections. May 2021 they are releasing “Monolith” a studio EP, focusing on top-shelf production EDM, going back to their original D.J. roots. Presently, they are wrapping up writing, “MEGAlith” a full-length album – fusing their core ingredients into a fresh sound – as well as a split-EP with Midwest heavy hitters, Stormy Chromer.


Biomassive is obsessed with presenting a national-level production. They carry professional engineers,vibrant lighting, projection mapping, and live-streaming equipment, to ensure every show is memorable! In between tours, the band members are independent contractors for national festivals, venues, and events – to chisel their prowess for presentation.

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