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Tuesday, June 27
Show: 7pm

Bilmuri is a American one man // project founded by former Attack Attack!member Johnny Franck in 2016. The name Bilmuri is a abbreviated parody of the great comedian and actor Bill Murray. Bilmuri debuted in 2016 with “Jaguar Shark”, “Letters” and a self-titled album, followed up by “Frame” and “Banana” in 2017, along with “Taco” and “Solid Chub” in 2018. A year later in 2019, he would release “Pasteurized Milk”, “Wet Milk” and “Rich Sips”, which were all well received among his current fanbase. The project gained more attention from former Attack Attack! fans by releasing a single from “Rich Sips” entitled “Thicc Thiccly”, featuring former Attack Attack! bandmate and Beartooth vocalist Caleb Shomo, parodying Attack Attacks hit single “Stick Stickly”. In 2020, Bilmuri released a collaborative EP called “Bilmuri and Friends” (or “Muri and Friends” for short) with Dayseeker, No Dice, Tilian Pearson, Jonathan Young, Lauren Babic, Surf Team and Whale Bones. This was followed by the release of “400LB BACK SQUAT” in 2021 and “GOBLIN HOURS” in 2022.

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