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Sunday, June 09
Show: 7pm

We are Gila (Heel-uh). Named after the most venomous lizard in North America. To everyone who knew us and supported us in our chapter as Rockodilians, we couldn’t thank you enough. You truly made the local scene fun for us kids who wanted to play music. As much as we love, and will never forget the love we were shown in town under the name Rockodilians, it’s time for a change. We are expanding outside of the local scene. After months of writing music, making impressions, playing shows and building a following in Tallahassee, it’s our time to take this whole band thing to the next level. In this transition, we felt we needed a bit of a change in identity before pushing ourselves into the metal scene out of town. In regards to our Rockodilians shirts, we have written a song called “Rockodilians” that will be on our upcoming EP dropping this summer. This song musically encapsulates our chapter as Rockodilians, so get your EP merch early, pay homage to this local chapter, and find those sick designs at any of our next shows. Gila merch coming soon. Through this process we ask you guys show nothing but support, spread this post around, let everyone know who we are becoming.

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