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Saturday, December 09
Show: 8pm


For Lil Lotus, life has largely felt like one giant nosebleed—being drained by the people around him, solitude and his internal demons. “This whole experience has been me being drained my whole life. Now that I’m getting older, I’m trying to figure out, how do I fix these things?” 
That concept also informed Lil Lotus’ sophomore album aptly titled Nosebleeder, due December 1st via Epitaph Records—an album produced by Matt Malpass (Blink 182, Travis Barker, MGK, nothing,nowhere.) and Mike Pepe (Taking Back Sunday, Charlotte Sands) that traverses themes like friendship, addiction, mental health and toxic relationships.  

Lotus, born John Elias Villagran III, grew up in Texas in a Christian household where he was only able to listen to certain types of music. But after stealing an iPod from school, he was drawn deeply to the rock world—Mars Volta, Saosin, Underoath, Paramore and Linkin Park. It was those bands that inspired Lotus to start creating his own music. At 14 age, Lotus began casually jamming out with his friends before he started playing in bands like the alt-hip-hop group Boyfriendz and the post-hardcore band If I Die First. In 2016, he began focusing more on his solo work, which turned into Lil Lotus. After releasing a string of singles and EPs, Lotus shared his debut album Errør Bøy in 2021, which featured Travis Barker and lil aaron. 

Nosebleeder marks a new era for Lil Lotus.



MAKEOUT (formerly Trophy Wives) is an American pop punk band formed in Providence, Rhode Island. The group consists of drummer Scott Eckel, lead guitarist Tyler Young, bassist AJ Khah, & vocalist Kyle Dee.

The group independently released its debut EP Letting Go self-produced and recorded by Chris Piquette in 2012. In 2013, the band independently released a second EP, also produced and recorded by Piquette, One Way Trip to Mars. In 2014, the group won a battle of the bands competition and performed a date on the Warped Tour; in 2015, the group played 9 dates.

In 2017, the band signed to Rise Records and changed its name to MAKEOUT. The group’s debut album, The Good Life, was released via Rise in 2017.

MAKEOUT gained more recognition while opening for Blink 182 alongside The Naked and Famous

On January 24, 2019, lead singer Sam Boxold announced his departure from the group after their 20/20 tour. Sam posted this message on his IG “On December 1st (2018), I had to let my team know that after our 20/20 tour, I would be unable to continue being in MAKEOUT. I have been stuck in a pretty toxic loop for some years trying to do this project. Though many of you have given me wonderful memories, I have overwhelming negativity surrounding touring and “band life”.
I will never take for granted the opportunity to flesh out this dream; But this life just isn’t for me.
Though this is the end for one chapter, I am going to continue making music, as well as creating art of all kinds. I have my own version of “big plans” that I hope will help me find my voice again.

I can’t express my appreciation for everyone who has supported me through this, and I wish luck to the other dudes in their endeavors.
I hope I’m not sending off too many sad vibes, and I’m sorry for not being able to let you all know until now… But really, this will be a positive change for me.”

In September of 2019 they announced the addition of two new members with AJ Khah formerly of Sleep On Itjoining as bassist, and Kyle Dee formerly of The Fall Four & The Frantic joining as vocalist. On July 10th, 2020 the band released their first single titled “Home” with the new lineup.

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