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LOVESONG “the CURE tribute”


Saturday, July 01
Show: 8pm

Introducing LOVESONG – The CURE Tribute, the ultimate tribute band for fans of the iconic band The Cure. With their mesmerizing live shows, LOVESONG takes you on a journey through The Cure’s biggest hits and deep cuts, bringing you an authentic concert experience like no other.

Fronted by Rusty Wilmot, who perfectly embodies the persona of Robert Smith on stage, LOVESONG has earned a reputation for delivering stunning performances that leave audiences awestruck. The band has dedicated countless hours to perfecting every aspect of their show, from the precise replication of The Cure’s songs to the mesmerizing videos and visual effects that bring their concerts to life.

Fans of The Cure will be delighted to hear LOVESONG perform classic hits like “Friday I’m in Love,” “Just Like Heaven,” “Fascination Street,” “Pictures of You,” “Boys Don’t Cry,” “Lovesong,” “Why Can’t I Be You,” and many more. In addition, LOVESONG also includes some of the lesser-known B-sides and deep cuts that every true fan will appreciate.

LOVESONG’s tribute to The Cure is a full concert experience that pays homage to the band’s legacy and music. If you’re a fan of The Cure, LOVESONG is a must-see live act that will transport you back in time to the glory days of this legendary band.

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