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January 20

8:00 pm

Starting in the Philadelphia suburbs of Bucks County, PA, Philadelphia Alternative Rock band, Mo Lowda and The Humble became official once making their way to Temple University. Known for their dynamic musicianship, progressive songwriting, and energetic live performances, the band gained a strong following through Temple University’s house party and campus bar scene. After a few years of playing throughout the city with only a demo and EP under their belt, Mo Lowda and The Humble signed to Temple’s Bell Tower Records, releasing their first full length album, Curse The Weather, in the Fall of 2013. The album features Jordan Caiola’s soulful vocals and power songwriting, accentuated by a technical and dynamic rhythm section, made up of Shane Woods on drums, and Nate Matulis on bass. After the release of Curse the Weather, the trio found themselves becoming popular throughout the Philadelphia music scene, playing notable shows at top venues such as Underground Arts, Milkboy, and North Star Bar. With an abundance of new songs already in the works, Mo Lowda and The Humble’s future plans include music videos, recording and releasing new material, and continuing to perform both locally and nationally.

Mo Lowda & the Humble’s first full-length effort, “Curse The Weather” is an album that any music fan can enjoy, simply because it has a bit of everything. Its dynamic peaks and valleys range from loud overdriven walls of sound to soft, delicately airy and melodic moments accentuated with reverbs and delays inducing pure relaxation. At the same time, an intricately funky rhythm section groove, serving as a canvas for wordy and playful vocal melodies, can quickly evolve into a head-nodding half-time hook. Caiola’s unique approach to songwriting is taken to the next level by Matulis’ technical bass lines and Woods’ intense drumming. While many of the tunes seem to start in a standard pop structure, there’s a great chance that in only a few minutes a full-blown outro jam will have taken a song to the ultimate crescendo of the final few measures. Although not technically a concept record, “Curse the Weather” exhibits a strong sense of continuity throughout. Lyrically, a majority of the songs contain thematic references to natural elements. Musically however, the album is a shape shifter, filled with rhythmic and melodic trap doors and wormholes.

Trash Panda began in 2015 as the pet recording project of songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist Patrick Taylor, expanding into a duo then a trio in 2016. Pulling influences as wide as neopsychedelia, soul, indie rock and pop music, the band considers themselves somewhat post-genre. Darlings of the indie scene, Trash Panda tapped into both the perils of modern dating and the existential questions of dark nights of the soul. Their 2016 EP Off features crowd-favorites “Aging Out of the 20th Century” and “Check Please.” Trash Panda’s 2018 album The Starclimber made a splash with tongue-in-cheek banger “Atlanta Girls” alongside the psychedelic groove of “Heartbreak Pulsar.” After the album the band went on hiatus and pursued other projects, emerging four years later in 2022 with several new members for a single, “Things Will Never Change,” which is quickly gaining attention, featured in its first week on Spotify’s Indie Chillout and Modern Psychedelia playlists. In its first wave, only two years of frenzied creativity, the band made a regional splash touring small and mid-sized venues and during its four year hiatus reached a certain level global cult status, with passionate fans spanning the globe. Trash Panda plans to release its second full length album in 2023 coinciding with an extensive album support tour.

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