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Friday, November 10
Show: 8pm

Radkey is an American punk rock band from St. Joseph, Missouri formed in 2010 by brothers Dee, Solomon, and Isaiah Radke. The three brothers hail from a musical family and are all home-schooled. Dee Radke plays lead vocals and guitar, Isaiah Radke plays bass, and Solomon Radke plays drums. Their first show was in 2011 when they opened for Fishbone. Since then, the band has released two EPs and toured extensively, bringing their high energy punk rock to cities around the world. The brothers grew up listening to their music-mad father’s records and were inspired by Foo Fighters lead singer Dave Grohl.

Overview of the Radkey Music Style

Radkey is an American punk rock band from St. Joseph, Missouri, formed in 2010 by the three brothers Dee, Isaiah and Solomon Radke. Their music style is a blend of punk rock and garage rock, reflecting the brothers’ love for rock music and comic books. The brothers have developed their own unique sound of hard-hitting punk that has been described as “frenetic and infectious”. With a mix of riffs, crunchy chords and catchy choruses, Radkey’s sound draws on influences from bands like the Foo Fighters, Nirvana and The Clash to create a powerful energy that has won them fans all over the world.

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