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VIRGINITY, and guests

Sunday, July 28
Doors: 7pm // Show: 7pm

During his teens, Rick Colado discovered the indie-rock scene in his hometown of Jacksonville Beach, FL, where he played in bands and recorded lo-fi music in his bedroom. He started seriously writing songs for his band The Julius Airwave, a hometown smash courted by major labels during the early 2000s but that never got signed. After Julius Airwave broke up, Colado began focusing on his solo career. He donned the name rickoLus and started recording on his own in a shed in his backyard. He was picked up by Fake Four Records in 2010 and released his debut album Youngster. Colado released three more home-produced records and toured the US and Europe. Eventually, he started collaborating on new music with veteran Athens producer David Barbe. The sixth rickoLus studio album, These Things Happen, was released in March of 2024 on Colado’s Vitamin Circus Records.

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