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Sunday, October 20
Doors: 7pm // Show: 7pm
Northwest Indiana-based progressive-powerpop band stop.drop.rewind has never shied away from innovation.

The Midwest power trio combines the energy and spirit of pop-punk with the colors and improvisational elements of jazz and soaring intricacies of progressive rock to bring forth a sound that is as unique as it is listenable, and as likely to produce a thoughtful discussion as it is a raucous sing-along.
They have brought their energetic live show to venues across the Midwest and beyond, playing in 13 US states and
completing multiple tours to Texas to play SXSW, all while
sharing the stage with the likes of Real Friends, Hawthorne
Heights, Secondhand Serenade, The Misfits, The Spill Canvas, and many others.
The band has received regional radio play across Chicagoland and surrounding areas with their 2019 singles “Words in Scary Stories” and “Floating Stone,” and the music video for their latest release “Space Force” gained over 100k views on Facebook.
Stop.drop.rewind is currently in the studio working on self-releasing an EP that includes the singles they released last year.
FFO: Say Anything, Motion City Soundtrack, Ludo, Weezer


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